"An apple a day" -- that's appealing advice! There's nothing like a crisp and juicy apple for good eating. In fact, apples are a symbol of goodness, from the story of Johnny Appleseed to Mom's Apple Pie! Aptly nicknamed "The King of Fruits," apples are royally good!
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         t Afton Apple Orchard, we've been carefully selecting our trees for years to give you the tastiest,                           crispiest, juiciest apples - and the shortest trees! Short trees means no ladders, so even the                       smallest child can pluck an apple right off the branch.

Our orchard is mainly "Pick Your Own" but we do sell freshly picked apples by the peck, 1/2 bushel, and bushel, along with apple cider, honey, jam, maple syrup and other Minnesota grown products.

If you like bargains, then come out during the week. It's less crowded and the orchard runs weekday specials. And for great family fun, visit us on the weekends from 10-6 and weekdays 12-6 for our hayrides.

Throughout our apple season enjoy apple donuts, apple fritters, apple pie, caramel apples, caramel apple sundaes, hotdogs, cider brats, soda pop, coffee, hot chocolate and - of course - delicious fresh apple cider all from our concession stand.
How to Keep Apples
Keep apples damp and cool - below 45° if possible, but no lower than 32° and a 90% humidity environment. Apples stored at a low humidity will deteriorate six to ten times faster than when they are properly stored and cooled. Keep them in plastic bags that have holes in them. Place a moist towel in the bag with the apples and keep them in the crisper of the refrigerator.
Apples purchased by the box or bushel should be stored in a cool, humid cellar. If the cellar is dry, cover apples with wet cloth keep wet.
APPLE VARIETIES... So, What's What?
There are literally thousands of apple varieties known to exist. Here are some of the most popular apple varieties you'll find at our orchard.
Paula Red
Medium size, red, rich, tangy/sweet flavor. Softens when cooked.
Harvest time - Mid August to Early September
Medium to large size. Very crisp and juicy. Keeps 6-8 weeks. Newest variety developed at the University of Minnesota.
Harvest time - Late August to Mid-September
First Kiss
Medium size, red over yellow, sweet, crunchy.  Texture is crispy and juicy.
Harvest time - Late August to Early September
Medium to large size. Yellow to red in color. Very crisp, juicy, sweet.
Harvest time - Late August to Late September
Small but very crisp.  Sweet, red apple.  Great for lunches.
Harvest time - Late August to Late September
Medium-large apples. Skin color may be greenish, deeply blushed with bright red. Tart, rich flavor, high quality eating.
Harvest time - Early September to Late September
Large apple, pink and yellow.  Unique shape, sweet.
Harvest time - Mid September to Mid October
Sweet 16
Medium to large size, rosy red. Very sweet, very crisp texture.
Harvest time - Mid September to Mid October
Large, mostly dark appealing red color. Very white flesh holds color well in salads.
Harvest time - Mid September to Mid October
Medium size, very crisp. Solid dark red skin. Great for lunch bags.
Harvest time - Late September to Late October
Medium size, tart, crisp, juicy red. Excellent for cooking. Under refrigeration, keeps until spring or later.
Harvest time - Late September to Late October
Honey Gold
Medium to large. Golden to yellow green. Crisp, juicy with sweet honey like flavor. Keeps well, but bruises easily.
Harvest time - Late September to Mid October
Medium to large. Bright red with obscure stripes. Flesh is crisp and juicy with a very natural flavor. Great keeper.
Harvest time - Early October to Late October
Medium to large. Bright red and yellow. Explosively crisp, very sweet and juicy. Good keeper.
Harvest time - Late September to Early October
Connell Red - Fireside
Unusually large size. Solid red with crisp texture and a fine sweet flavor. Under refrigeration, keeps a long time.
Harvest time - Early October
Afton Apple ®
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Some Apple Ideas
Apples have many healthful qualities. Apples are a source of dietary fiber, potassium and other vitamins and minerals.
One medium apple (138g) has about 80 calories and is free of fat, cholesterol and sodium.
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Afton Apple Orchard
14421 So. 90th St. · Hastings, MN 55033
Drive out to Afton Apple Orchard for a pleasant, interesting, and healthful way for you and your family to enjoy a day in the country. 

We have over 200+ beautiful acres producing delicious
Minnesota grown strawberries, raspberries, pumpkins and
15 different varieties of apples that can be picked by our
customers at the peak of perfection.